Wide Open Country EP

by Prinz Grizzley

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released March 11, 2016

Produced by Oliver Varga and Chris Comper

Chris Comper - Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitar,Harmonica and Harmony Vocals
Aaron Goldstein - Pedal Steel
Oliver Varga - Banjo, Mandoline and Harmony Vocals
Corina Gmeiner - Harmony Vocals
Rue Kostron - Bass
Claude Meier - Upright Bass
Klaus Perez-Salado - Drums
Johannes Bär - Horns

Engineered, Recorded and Mixed by Oliver Varga at Greenhill Studios
Mastered by Little Konzett at Little Big Beat Studios

All songs written by Chris Comper



all rights reserved


Prinz Grizzley Egg, Austria

Prinz Grizzley dug deep down in the rich grits of good ol´ country, folk and blues.
The more he dug, the more he returned, back home to rural feelings that bound him to his roots in western Austria.
Surrounded by rugged wild country, with god-loving, hardworking folk, whose simple living and gentle loving he finds an inspiration
for songs that might have been written across the ocean,down south.
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Track Name: Wide Open Country
wide open country

your heart is like wide open country
full of beauty and so divine
I never thought that you´d stand with me
cause I caused so much trouble throughout the time

a tear on the ground

cause you are all that a I wanted to find

I always enjoy your company
They´re the best hours in my life
you lead me through my dark and cold nights
through my mistakes you never shall cry again

A wide open country is all that I need
Track Name: Give Me One More Reason
give me one more reason

I was worried about the signs lord
she brought back to our home
the smell of party and excitement lays upon her
while I was waiting for her to return
she tried to speak but only found the words of silence

give me one more reason to stay and I´ll let diamonds rain

I would lie if I´d say I didn´t know it
but my heart tried to save a bit of its pride
so look at me, here´s a man and yes he is crying
with my head in my hands I´ll just try to survive
but the truth is, I start to lose my faith

I can feel the rage in me is rising
but I never would raise against you
let´s keep the good times and praise em
I guess this we are pretty much through
Track Name: Fiery Eyes
fiery eyes

your fiery eyes won’t go to sleep,
it isn´t yours its mine to keep,
the secrets that are bound between these sheets,

your man is always out at night,
then it’s my turn to hold you tight,
you take the best of both sides,

to be honest with you, I think leaving would be the right thing to do

two hearts get hurt, one is doing fine,
but it’s not me who crossed the line,
two hearts..
and there’s no chance for us to work it out right

he isn’t mean to be fair,
I should tell him it’s you we share.
I am not that foolish to be unaware,

It’s you who must decide
to which one you wanna lie
in the end there’s always one whose left behind

to be honest....

two hearts....
Track Name: Walls

Outside my window the moon shines bright
I know I cant reach it, even with the help of time
Locked in this room feels like prison to me
They told me this is home, where I spend the rest of my being

But I ran through my thoughts and this is not what I want
My voice is much too weak, makes it too hard to speak

It aint walls that alight my fears,
It is the darkness that comes, after staring out a window year after year
It aint walls that lock me in
it is the people who see no meaning in an old mans tears

here she comes to change my underwear
as a young man I would have danced with her
for them I stopped to be a man
I am just a number, rotten flesh polluting the air

But I wont give up
Something is still too tough
I will holler and fight
Till I never get out of their mind

It aint walls that alight my fears,
It is the darkness that comes, after staring out a window year after year
It aint walls that lock me in
it is the people who see no meaning in an old mans tears